Why choose
Solar Panels?


Considering Solar Power at Home?

There are a number of reasons you may be considering solar panels for your home. It may be to reduce your energy bills, help the environment or make better use of your savings.

Whatever your reason, we’d like to help you understand the benefits of using solar power.

Throughout the site you’ll find information about solar panels and you can call us on 0800 085 3702 if you have any questions.

Cleaner Environment

Once installed, your solar panels will not produce any carbon emissions, unlike burning fossil fuels for your energy! Feel great knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Free Electricity

Using the free solar electricity generated from your home solar panels you’re protecting yourself against energy price hikes and the current energy crisis.

Save Money

A solar panel installation will generate free energy for you to use. If you produce more solar energy than you can use in the day to power your home, use our battery storage system.

You’ll also receive a tax-free income through the Export Tariff scheme

The export tariff scheme is available to new solar panel installations from April 2019

How Our Solar Panels Work

The sun gives off light and PV cells on the panels turn the light into DC electricity. The current flows into an inverter, which converts it to AC electricity. This AC power then flows through a meter and to your consumer unit ready to use in your home. Any unused electricity will be exported to the grid. 

solar home

1 - Solar Panels

Solar panels on your roof turn the photons from the sun into DC electricity

2 - DC to AC Inverter

An inverter turns DC electric into DC electricity for use in your home

3 - Wiring

A cable from your solar panels goes to your generation meter

4 - Monitor

Your generation meter measures your solar panel electricity production

5 - Enjoy

Use your solar electricity with additional demand supplied from the grid

Why Choose Our Solar Panels?

We design, supply and install solar panel PV systems for your home or business across Essex and the surrounding areas. Having completed over a thousand installs you really can rely on us to provide the best possible service and because we are MCS accredited, all of our installations are eligible for Export Tariffs. The solar panels we install are of the highest quality and offer the greatest return on investment.

System upgrades are available to further enhance performance and increase your returns.

  • Cut your bills
  • Get paid for the electricity you generate
  • Sell electricity back to the grid
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

The best way to find out how profitable solar PV can be for you is to contact us and request a call back, we can even arrange a free no obligation survey for your property.

Still Have Questions?

Here are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently. if you’re still looking for answers you can contact us here.

How Many Solar Panels Can I Have?

This depends on the size and type of roof your home has.

If you are interested in solar panels at home we arrange an appointment to check your roof. We visit your home and check the type and size of your roof and how much sun it gets. Once we know this we can give you accurate calculations on how many solar panels you can have and how much energy they will produce. Once we have all this information we can let you know how much money you can save with solar panels at home.

Do You Own My Roof if I Fit Solar Panels?

No. You own your roof, the solar panels fitted to it and all the energy they produce. In early solar schemes, solar panels were fitted free. The solar fitters would then earn money from the energy your solar panels generated in the FIT scheme. The home owner would receive some free electricity to compensate them.

With all our solar panel installations, you the homeowner own your roof, the solar panels and all the energy the produce.

What is the FIT scheme?

The FIT or Feed In Tariff is a government scheme. When homeowners produce electricity with their solar panels the government pays them for their energy.

Over the time the scheme has operated the government has reduced the FIT payments. In order to benefit the most from solar panels you need to be installing them before the next FIT rate reduction.

Why must I be a homeowner?

This solar panel scheme is only open to home owners, as the panels will be fitted for some time you need the property owners permission. If you own the property there’s no problem.

Some housing association and council tenants operate solar panel schemes. You should contact your landlord to see if they are considering fitting solar for their tenants.

What about Battery Storage?

We offer optional battery storage with all our solar panel installations. We recommend this option as it saves the energy you aren’t using for use at a later time. This way you get to use more of your own solar generated power and less of the grid. This means your bills are less!

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